"Will you play with me?"

I can’t tell you how many times daily my son asks me that.  I guess it’s the curse of only childhood- constantly having to get adults to play with you.  This kid is really creative and has an incredibly good imagination, so playing with him is pretty entertaining.  He is still asking for a twin brother and since I can’t give him that I participate in his games as much as I possibly can.  He has countless make believe games that we play around the house or in the parks nearby.  He loves animals, so often he is an animal and I am a pet owner, zoo keeper or mother animal.  His favorite for the past week or two has been being a monkey named Alexander.  Don’t ask me how he selected the name, but just know he is serious about this.  If you address him as other than Alexander you will not get a response.  If you try to feed him people food instead of monkey food he will get sick and “throw up for days.”  Poor Alexander! 

In addition to engaging in his games I try to set aside days where we can do an outing together and this past Saturday was the zoo.  This type of outing also allows him to gather more material for his pretend games.  If anyone has brought their kid to Brookfield Zoo they know about the great playgrounds there.  There are at least three of them, and on this visit we spent significantly more time playing and climbing than looking at animals.   I had so much fun watching him play.  While I am completely open to him not being a serious competitive athlete (well ok, I’d be a little disappointed) it would really be a shame because he moves so well and with such confidence.  Am I biased?  Probably, but this little dude is awesome!  I love that he climbs on the equipment not only in the obvious/intended ways, but he climbs up and down the sides of things, hangs upside down, does toes to bar for fun, and he’s got sick grip strength.  I watched him do a move about 12 times where he slid down the outside of a railing, then jumped down.  When I tried to capture it on video  of course he didn’t do the cool thing, and he suddenly put on this production about needing my help.  I realize this makes look like a horrible parent, but he really didn’t need help!

Probably like every Crossfitter, even when I’m doing activities that are completely not CF related, training/paleo/fitness related stuff still permeates my thoughts.  So I thought it was pretty funny when I saw this display while walking through the primate house.  It was a series of primates with images of their stomachs and what their diet consists of.   Check out the depiction of the human diet.  

Human diet per the Brookfield Zoo display: Hamburger on a bun, ice cream cone, french fries.

On the way home from the zoo we stopped at the toy store to take a look and saw some interesting sports/fitness related toys.

Playmobil guy getting in some ring dips
Depicting seniors being active? Great! But the "crippling speed" thing may be taking it too far

I feel so fortunate to have days that I can focus on nothing but my son.  I would have loved to lift in the in-house Olympic lifting meet that we had at my box that day, but instead my time was reserved for The Boy.  Going back to my post the other day, it’s a constant struggle to achieve balance and prioritize.  So instead of lifting with the CFC community on Saturday, I lifted by myself with my coach on Sunday.

*photo gangstered from CFC blog

“If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”- Jackie Kennedy

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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