"The parents can sit on a bench having boring time"

For many years the phrase “All-American” rubbed me the wrong way. I suppose because it conjured a 1950’s Beaver Cleaver, white bred, two parents, 2.5 children type of stereotypical image in my mind. That’s an image that I cannot relate to and is eons away from reflecting the diversity of this country. While I was pregnant with my son I started to think about the heritage we were passing on to him. I began to speculate on what he would look like, whose physical traits he would pick up and how his experiences would/could be shaped by those traits. It occurred to me that much of the story of America is reflected in this one little boy. He is the descendant of both recent and distant immigrants from Africa and Europe as well as Native Americans, descendant of slaves, sharecroppers, soldiers, doctors, farmers, poor, wealthy, highly educated and not. All these different versions of the American story run through his veins. I have a lot of pride in my American heritage, something I also have in my Nigerian heritage. On my father’s side I am first generation American. I LOVE my last name, which means, “the warrior has returned”.

I thought about these things as I fielded a number questions about whether I was making a T-shirt for the Games. Apparently all the cool kids are doing it. I decided to incorporate both the American flag and my last name. I think this design is a great combination of things that represent me and what I love. I won’t elaborate any further right now, but please check out the shirts and buy one! These shirts are really important to getting me to California and making it happen at the Home Depot Center next month. It’s only four weeks away, so you might as well buy one right now over at SoRock under the Outlaw tab. There are men’s and women’s crew neck T-shirts as well as women’s racer back tanks. Guaranteed to help you lift like a mother!

Mens - Akinwale/Outlaw Crew NeckAkinwale/Outlaw Womens Crew Neck

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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  • EA,
    I will be in the glenview area for work June 25 – June 27, I was wondering if you knew of a place I could go to stay on track with Rudy’s programming. The earliest I can train is 6 PM.
    Thanks for the help, my email is linesdc123@gmail.com if you can help me out.

  • Just got one and looking forward to sporting it while watching the games. Good luck!!!! By the way, the design & slogan are awesome!!!