"The best way to not get hurt is to not mess with me"

As the Open kicks off this week, I feel really fortunate to have had the rejuvenating experience I had in Columbus this past weekend.  I just wrapped up a fantastic time with Jen Labaw, Cheryl Brost, Nicole Christensen, and Lindsay Smith in an amazing training and relaxing weekend that Lindsay was gracious enough to organize and host at her home.  These are truly some fun and down to Earth girls and Lindsay and her husband were the best hosts!. We spent the weekend getting some good workouts in at Rogue Fitness and had the amazing opportunity to work the legendary Powerlifting guru Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell for over four hours on Saturday.  Insanely awesome!

“I don’t count reps I just go until I blow myself up.” -Louie Simmons

As incredible as this has been as a training opportunity, what’s more remarkable are the relationships that were fostered this weekend. The training was like an epic Crossfit playdate. Sled pulls, yoke carries, helping each other work on skill weaknesses and Olympic lifts. It was refreshing to spend some time with these girls, particularly as the we embark on the same journey from our respective Regions.

Warming up some box squats with Louie:

Studying with The Man

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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