Outlaw Camp-Chicago Bro Session

There’s a distinct possibility that the small group of women I shared a barbell with tonight at the Chicago Outlaw Way training camp now think I’m out of my mind.  What a complete spaz.  Today’s whirlwind, ripping and running all day turned into one of those days with the barbell.  Eh.  It’ll come.  Friday night at camps is PR time though, so I suppose I just really wanted in on the fun.  I do think my body is still recuperating from being ill and today just wasn’t the day.  I felt (and I think looked) awkward with the barbell, and like I was over thinking everything.  Here’s a miss at 190#.  Pfff.

On a brighter note, earlier today I ran a mile during a conditioning piece (run 1 mile+30 muscle ups for time).  This is the first mile I’ve run after a recent session with my coach looking at my running technique.  I cut about 1:45 off my mile time!  I was not that far off of my lifetime PR which I ran 12 years and 20 pounds ago.  I actually felt like I overcame a mental barrier of sorts on this one, almost as much as making the physical strides.  I can’t wait to run faster!!

This looks like it’s going to be a great camp weekend with lots of strong athletes and top regional competitors and such in attendance.  Many hit PRs tonight, I’m excited to see how the remainder of the weekend unfolds.  I’ll do my best to document it!

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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