Massage Envy & My Self-Care

Talk about self-care is everywhere I turn lately, which is a great thing!  More than ever before we are being encouraged from many directions to make the investment into our physical, spiritual and mental well-being.  As refreshing as this cultural shift is, I’m sure I’m not the only one who still has a bit of a hard time consistently taking and making time for regular self-care.  As a competitive athlete it was a bit easier for me to prioritize therapeutic services as part of my training regiment, but somehow managed to fall off on the regularity of my preventive care and maintenance routine after I stopped competing.  What a shame, because my body and spirit are so much more content, and I shift from plugging along to thriving when I keep my self-care practices going strong.

Over the past month I’ve been able to bolster my healthy lifestyle routine and experience the self-care consistency I deserve through the member benefits at Massage Envy here in Chicago.  I had been hearing about Massage Envy from a couple of friends who highly recommended their massages, but I was not aware that Massage Envy designs it’s services to support a consistent wellness regimen through regular monthly access to massages, skin care, and stretch services.  I love this model, it’s perfect for me because it helps me keep my commitment to myself to prioritize my wellness regimen.

What stands out for me about my Massage Envy experiences is how comfortable I feel in the space.  I’m not interested in going to inconvenient locations or patronizing business that don’t make me feel at home.  From the moment I walked into Massage Envy I felt welcomed and that my service experience was going not going to be customized to my specific needs.  I was asked about my preferences and needs, and everything that I mentioned was addressed in my services. My esthetician listened to my concerns about my skin and customized my facial to my needs.  She offered skincare suggestions to take beyond my service to enhance the look and feel of my skin, which I so appreciated.

Massage Envy makes it convenient and accessible for every body to revitalize themselves and stay proactive about self-care with unique healthy lifestyle services including progressive therapeutic massage treatments, a proprietary assisted stretching service, and advanced skincare services and retail products.  Massage Envy believes in helping everybody feel their best and do more of what they love, a mission I’m excited to get behind.

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Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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