"You should bring an umbrella"

My son’s advice came in handy as we got caught in the rain tonight. Not really. Actually, I felt like a giddy little kid walking through dark and stormy night with leaves swirling all over the ground. We are a monster/zombie/wolf man type of household year round, but Halloween season is a favorite around here. We already have a few pair of fangs and costume odds and ends floating around. Also on the blood and guts front is this little beauty.


Who said thirty inch box jumps were a good idea anyway? Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong. On a brighter note, I’m doing some things to up my Weightlifting game. I won’t get into detail tonight, these daily blogs are proving to be a horrible idea. But here’s a little video related to some additions I’m making to my training.

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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