"Why do chickens have skin, why can't they just be bald?"

Today was way too trying and tiring for a Saturday.  Up early, running around and set myself up for failure by over booking things.   I did get to spend alot of time with my son and a number of other great people, so I can’t be mad at that.  I did my training at my friend’s gym, CrossFit Rise.  There is some serious, serious lifting going on there on Saturday mornings under the watchful eye of two time U.S. Olympic coach Roger Neilsen, including one of my favorite lifters to watch, Shane Maier.  If you are a fan of lifting you should know this guy.  The man is huge, and seriously defies physics with how fast he moves.  Generally speaking, if you haven’t seen high level lifters go to work in person you should make it your business to do so- phenomenal power and athleticism, videos don’t do justice to how these people move.

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t make it out to Glen Elyn Crossfit for their Barbells 4 Booobs event today.  I tried, but just couldn’t make it all happen today.  I hope they had a fun and successful event.  Also, my phone had been limping along and finally died, so I’m sure many, many people will be missing my amazing tweets and Facebook status updates until I get a new phone.

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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  • Watching 2012 games right now and you are killing the down bangers, awesome, won that round going into 5th place
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  • About a year ago I did a search for CrossFit moms and found your blog and became a fan. So I was super thrilled to see you at CrossFit Rise, which is where I CrossFit. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me get a photo with you!