"Which gym are we going to?"

This weekend we held The Outlaw Way training camp here in Chicago at River North CrossFit. I was actually a little anxious going into the weekend because we hosted one of the largest groups to date (well really, the absolute largest), and it was my first time leading an entire session with all the attendees. All the worry was needless as everything went smoothly and it turned out to be one of my favorite camps. Each camp has a different feel to it- different group, different workouts, different facilities. I won’t lie, I LOVED being able to stay at home and still be at camp. We had an absolutely fantastic group of people, and being in my own region for a camp for the first time meant there were many attendees that I knew/have competed against. My little one even made his camp debut appearance at the Friday lifting session. Very cool. I don’t recall ever having female Master’s level Games athletes in the house, and this past weekend we had several. Amazing and inspiring women, they are. All in all a great weekend of PR’s, hard training and learning about how to move better and win CrossFit competitions. Two weeks until the next camp!



Just thought I’d throw in this photo with Louie Simmons for those who were at camp this weekend.

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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