October 2013

October was the craziest month ever.  Started with a competition in Minnesota, The Granite Games.  This event was incredibly well organized, the programming was top notch, volunteers and event staff were completely professional and the athletes were a blast to compete with.  I think I really needed an enjoyable and fun competitive experience to see how things could and should be.  This was it.  Thank you to John Swanson, Tyler Quinn and everyone else involved with this event.20131031-151950.jpg20131031-152013.jpg20131031-152039.jpg20131031-152027.jpg20131031-152100.jpg

The following week I was in Europe for a short visit.  If you’ve never flown Virgin Atlantic, you should.  Between the food and entertainment, the flight is like a mini vacation in itself.20131031-155342.jpgI saw the usual sites in London,

20131031-152200.jpg20131031-152229.jpgbut I think I was more excited to visit the world’s oldest and largest toy store, Hamleys, so I could get some souvenirs and tell my son all about it.20131031-152245.jpgThen off to Finland for an Outlaw seminar

1381359_10100229179900081_821697027_nand eat some reindeer.  I thought my son would be mortified when he heard about this meal, but he asked if I would bring him some to try.  Next time, buddy.20131031-152316.jpgAfter returning from Europe I had the distinct honor of running my own weightlifting and gymnastics seminar at CrossFit BRX in Miami, Florida.  So grateful to Shawn Ramirez and Billy Caldwell for making this happen, and for the fantastic and enthusiastic attendees!  20131031-152550.jpgWe also made lunch out into a fundraiser to support Mammograms in Action by doing unbroken “Karen”.  Serious burner.20131031-155205.jpg20131031-153124.jpgThe following week I was off to San Diego for a lovely couple days with my new sponsor Rx Smart Gear.20131031-153129.jpgDave Newman of Rx Smart Gear was kind enough to see me off to my next stop, 52 hours of awesome at SEALFIT.20131031-155719.jpg20131031-155755.jpg20131031-153105.jpgAll this wrapped around my precious time with my Sweet Baboo.20131031-155218.jpg20131031-153321.jpg20131031-153201.jpg20131031-152740.jpg20131031-152413.jpg20131031-152748.jpgLife is good.


Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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