“No poo poo head burpees”

What can I say, I couldn’t wait to put my big body down on the floor and jump back up a bunch of times, but when I proposed the idea to my son to burn off some energy his response was, “no poo poo head burpees” (we love potty talk, it’s great). I actually liked 12.1. I knew before the Open started that the process was going to be a mental challenge for me for a number of reasons, most of which revolve around staying in my own game plan for the year and focusing on my own goals and training, as opposed to getting wrapped up in anyone else’s numbers or the leaderboard. That can be hard to do when you’re competitive; obviously everyone wants to do well. Between the Games site, Facebook, Twitter, texts and word of mouth we’re all pretty much constantly inundated with other people’s scores, how many times they repeated the WOD, and every detail of how they did it. All the communication adds to the fun of the experience. To be honest, the way the Open WODs are done repeatedly is one of the reasons I prefer the live competition format that we have at Regionals and the Games. Everyone is working under the same conditions and when it’s go time you do the workout and that’s it. Basically that is the way I’m approaching the Open this year, which I think will make it fun for me. Each week of the Open I have a plan as to when and where I will complete the workout. That effort will be my score. The only way I will repeat a workout is if I have the potential to win it worldwide or if I need to for Regional qualification. In some ways this plan is easier said than done because often you feel like you can get a better score by going again (although my coach won’t have me do repeats anyway, so it’s a mute point, but I do agree with that). On the other hand, it’s a relief and a reminder of what the ultimate goal is. It’s a relief because I really don’t find it all that fun to perform the same workout for days on end number chasing (yep, I know because I did that last year). The second piece is that since I consider myself a Games caliber athlete the focus is on preparing for the Games, not boosting my ego by taking extra measures to climb the leaderboard by repeating workouts. Participating in the Open is obviously an important step in our season, and it’s a fun time to be part of the community and support each other as we go through it. Everyone is going to have their own approach to the Open based on their goals, this isn’t meant to be a judgment of that. Watching how everyone attacks the Open is good quality entertainment too.

Now that the Open is in full swing and the deadline for submitting scores for 12.1 has come and gone, I’ve been quickly reminded of the things I love about the Open. There’s nothing like the feeling of comraderie with so many Crossfitters all over the world doing the same workouts, strategizing, posting their numbers, talking about it, etc. I’m really excited about the performances of a lot of my friends, and so proud. It’s great watching someone put in work day after day and then see them reap the rewards.

In addition to 12.1 and a TON of other awesome stuff with my Outlaw peeps, I did get my barbell fix this weekend. 220# on the bar. Pull, catch, stand up and front squat it a few times.

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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  • Just dropping you a line…Greetings from CrossFit Laurel (MD). If you ever come to the Washington, DC area you are always welcome to stop past the box. We are big fans and wish you the best this year.

    • Hi Jess! I honestly like both shoes quite a bit. At this point I feel like the Reebok Olys are a necessity. I take them with me everywhere I train because they are PERFECT for alot of workouts. I have run, done DUs and box jumps in them, no problem. It took me awhile to want to heavy olympic lift in them, I guess because I’m a creature of habit. But I started having some issues with my back foot on my jerk and that’s when I started clean & jerking in them because the sole is more flexible, but still snatching in the Adidas. Now I feel comfortable maxing out both lifts in the Reeboks- just PR’d both last week in them! I am trying to clean up some footwork issues on my snatch and due to that sometimes like to go back to the Adidas for the snatch. In my opinion they are two distinctly different shoes. If you are going to choose one of the two I recommend the Reeboks because they are versatile, but can also do the job of a strictly oly shoe.

      Thanks for your comments!