“No one knows what’s coming next”

I was thrilled to attend the Crossfit Games SouthEast Regional last week.  I’ve never attended a Crossfit competition as a spectator (I’m not going to count sitting in the stands during the final workout at the 2011 Games, which was an experience I never want to repeat).  Tons of people I’ve had the pleasure of training with and getting to know this year competed down in the SouthEast, so I was incredibly honored to get to watch them in person.

The spectator experience did not disappoint- the energy down in West Palm Beach was amazing.  From the opening ceremony on, my adrenaline was flowing pretty much the whole time.  I guess that’s how I survived the three days on minimal food and standing up cheering all day!  It was really fun to meet so many people in person who I’ve connected with virtually, and catch up with competitors I haven’t seen since last year.

There’s something really special about watching people who have dedicated the required time, energy and resources into accomplishing the goal of earning a spot to the Games, and seeing how they each respond to the roller coaster ride of the six Regionals workouts.  I was choked up MANY times over the course of the weekend, but there was one performance that stood out from the rest for me.

I met Guido Trinidad at an Outlaw training camp in Naples, FL earlier this year.  Guido is SUCH good people, you really can’t help but like him.   He is so committed to God, his family, his gym, the community, and his Games goals (along with his wife, who is equally dedicated) that it permeates out of him.  I followed his results closely throughout the SE Regional, and Guido killed WOD 4.  Let me start by saying the WOD 4 is pretty much a beat down.  I saw very, very strong athletes looking broken down on that, but Trinidad just flat out crushed it.  He finished nearly 1:30 ahead of his closest competitor ( I think it’s the best time in the world right now).  Awesome.  So incredibly happy for him,  that first place on WOD 4 powered him to a 3rdplace finish over.  The man got his ticket to Cali!  Amazing to watch, great experience, and MANY remarkable moments during the weekend.

Image from WOD Photographer

I was very moved by the dedication of all the volunteers/workers who make the Regionals run so smoothly.  These people work really long days and are what gives us the opportunity to compete.  I’m genuinely grateful that the Crossfit community is made up of so many passionate people- thank you guys!

Aside from the spectator experience, it was really valuable as a competitor to have the opportunity to see the workouts performed by other Regional athletes.  I got to observe some athletes whose strengths and weaknesses I am familiar with and see how they responded to each of the workouts.  I think this will help me when I compete in a couple of weeks.  I always love the opportunity to train in person with my coach (who was obviously there to coach his other athletes), so I hopped on the warm up equipment and got in “Amanda”.  I have a thing with this workout since I DNF’d it at Regionals last year, and have never finished it under the timecaps I’ve been given (15 minutes at Regionals and 10 minutes in training).  Over the weekend I did it sub 8 minute.  Progress!  Now if I just take off 3 more minutes I will be in there- POW!

I absolutely cannot wait to see how the rest of the Regionals unfold!

Three great girls, headed to Cali!

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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  • The first time I saw Guido was in a highlight reel from the last outlaw training camp when he pr’d his clean and jerk. When I saw his jerk, I stopped eating and rewound it. I’d never seen anyone get under the bar that quickly. I must’ve watched it a dozen times before making my girlfriend, who couldn’t be less interested, watch it a handful of times. Then I messaged everybody I train with and forwarded them the video and said “be THAT fast”. Needless to say, I will be tracking his performance at the games. Oh yeah, EA, you’re pretty good too. I guess.