It’s Deeper Than Abs: Live Healthier and Feel Better from the Inside Out with Renew Life

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I put a great deal of effort and energy into living an overall healthy lifestyle, there’s a long list of reasons why it’s worth the effort.  I love my son and I want to be present and active with him for as long as possible. I enjoy setting a good example for him and for others who look to me for leadership in developing their fitness and healthy lifestyle practices.  It’s been incredibly rewarding for me to compete as an athlete at the CrossFit Games. Possibly the simplest reason I have for staying committed to an overall wellness focused lifestyle is that it just feels good! Being energized in my body and sustaining a level of health and fitness that allows me to participate fully in life is absolutely worth the time and commitment that I put into it.  An important part of my wellness routine is including Renew Life® Ultimate Flora™ Probiotics in my daily regimen. I feel better and healthier from the inside out by staying proactive in addressing my digestive health. Dealing with irregular digestion can really put a cramp in your training (both literally and figuratively!) Renew Life contains multiple, scientifically studied probiotic strains within delayed release capsules so that more probiotics reach the intestinal tract.  This not only supports my body in functioning more regularly with regard to digestion, but I get even more benefits from eating a healthy diet. Healthy, consistent digestion helps maintain predictability in how my body feels on a day to day basis, and gives me confidence that I’m absorbing as many nutrients as possible from the healthy foods I eat. I don’t ever want to compromise the quality of a training session, or the quality of my daily life for that matter, due to tummy trouble.  Supporting healthy digestion with Renew Life means I never have to.


For those who are unfamiliar, a probiotics supplement helps your body to maintain a healthy balance of the bacteria that occur naturally in your gut.  With daily probiotic supplementation I know that my body is getting the support it needs to maintain a healthy balance, despite the lifestyle factors that can throw it off including stress, lack of sleep, or “imperfect” diet. I would recommend that anyone who has concerns with gut health consult with their physician.  My personal experience is that both my son’s pediatrician and our Naturopathic doctor has advised that we make probiotic supplementation part of our routine. Renew Life is our go to brand not only because the brand’s quality, purity and reliability but also because it meets our need for a dairy free probiotics supplement (not all brands can).  

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Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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