"I'm Sick Too"

I’ve learned one more thing in life NOT to do- brag about how I never get sick.  I mean, normally I don’t get sick.  But I’ll never take that for granted again.  Generally I can feel something coming on, get a little extra sleep and knock it right out.  Apparently I take some kind of pride in this “ability” because I’ve said it to people multiple times even within the past month or so.  Over the past 5 days karma came and knocked me off my superior immune system high horse.

The funny (ok, not funny at all, but noteworthy) part was that I saw this coming on.  In retrospect, I could feel a bug lurking for about two weeks, but I choose to never sit down and get all the rest and recovery I needed.  Opportunities for this and that kept popping up, red eye flights, extra training sessions, extra lifting, “active recovery” days that became full-on high intensity workouts.  No bueno.  It came to a head on Thursday at the gym.  I walked in feeling fine, in fact specifically noting how great my body and joints felt.  I did my normal mobility/warm up/skill work then took on a relatively heavy workload.  Part way into my Olympic lifts I could tell my body just wasn’t there.  The weight just felt heavier than it “should”.  As an aside, I hate getting caught up in the “should”.  In my experience with weightlifting, The Should, that wretched, insidious beast, can actually work against you from both directions.  It can limit you because if you’ve reached the predetermined weight that you think you should be at you may limit yourself.  On the other hand if you are below where you should be you feel bad about it, even if you are doing good quality work that is heavy for you on a given day.  I digress.  The barbell felt heavy and I was missing lifts left and right (front and back really, but who’s counting?).  By the time I moved onto my squats I just plain felt sick.  But do you think I stopped?  OF COURSE NOT!  That would be lame and weak, right?  I put a belt on as tight as humanly possible and did the squats.  Then did a metcon.  Then did another metcon.  Oh yeah, baby, we got it in!  I’M SO TOUGH!  So tough until I found myself debilitated, exacerbating an existing medical issue, unable to eat for days and in urgent care, followed by nasty, toxic medications just to get things back in order.  Winning!  Not so much.  Here’s a quick video summary of some of Thursday’s work:

Am I being long winded?  Sorry, I suppose from not blogging forever.  In short, I ‘ve now missed multiple days of training and withered into a weak, helpless, newborn  fawn as my coach would say.   For what?  To prove that I could push through, I guess.  While this whole experience has been awful, painful, frustrating, and still not concluded, I feel very fortunate that it happened now, not during the Open, Regionals, etc., and is something that will resolve relatively quickly.  I’m feeling so grateful for the general health that I enjoy day to day.  My little one survived it, even though we didn’t get to enjoy some beautiful fall days together.  This is going to be a long exciting year of training and competing and I need to survive and thrive, not pound myself into the ground.  I almost can’t believe I’m still trying to figure out that boundary between being tough and being stupid.  Eh.  I never said I wasn’t hard headed.

I always have the blessing of this bright little spirit even, on the toughest of days.  Here he is practicing some running back footwork in the urgent care waiting room.  Dude knows how to have fun anytime, anywhere.  I think he got that hands on hips, disapproving head shake midway through from someone close to home. 

Author: Elisabeth Akinwale

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  • I hope that you are feeling better soon, love seeing you on the cages, the in the air turnaround is a thing of beauty
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  • Finally a post! Been e-stalking for a minute and a half. I do hope you feel better soon. I’m currently searching for some dynamite to blow up my “Should-Beast”.

  • Hope you feel better soon EA. Just went through a similar (however seemingly much less severe) sickness and had to check the ego and rest up even though it was difficult to not put forth my best effort at our internal men’s throwdown competition at CFC. Oh well, I’ll get ’em next year 😉 And P.S. nice Walter Payton-esque moves your boy’s got going there.

    • Sorry you got sick too! I think the middle ground is hard to navigate- I’m either in or out. Today I had to do moderate, 80%, blah, blah, blah. I’m not good at metering that. That must’ve been especially tough in a competition environment though. Ha, yes, thanks for complimenting his skills!

  • Yikes! I know the feeling! I love you honey, but come back to training a week later than you think you can. Trust me on this one!

  • thanks for sharing this. i often push myself too hard at the gym, even when I’m not feeling well, because i think it’s being weak to back down. I too play the “should” game. Recently I visited another box while traveling for work and the WOD was Grace. I have my gym’s record for Grace, but hadn’t done it in months so I was hoping for a great PR. I knew that I wasn’t at my best that day after i was totally winded from the warm up, but I tried to ignore it and continued to think about my PR. Five reps into the workout I knew it wasn’t going to happen because 95lbs just felt so much heavier than it normally does. I didn’t PR and I beat myself up all day about it. I just felt like I “should” have been able to do it faster and it “should” have been easier. I need to learn to be ok with not PRing every time and accepting that I can’t be 100% all the time, especially with the crazy schedule I keep with work, working out, taking care of my dog, and all the other obligations I have in my life. It’s just so hard when you fail to meet the expectations you set for yourself. But I suppose I’m the one that sets those expectations so I’m the one setting myself up for failure. I gotta learn to give myself a break!

    • Yep, I totally get it! The reality is, every day is just not going to be a PR day. It doesn’t mean we aren’t better, I really think it’s just all part of the process. Thanks for commenting!

  • I hope that you are feeling better. I know you are the one of the toughest girls and you encourage me to push me up. I hope to see more your posts later.

  • feeling ‘sick’ is your bodys way of reacting to be ing in an overly acidic state, thsi could mean that you’ve been exposed to airborne bacteria or that your body is in toxic shock as it shifts ‘poisons’ that it had previously stored away from your organs.
    being sick is great it means your body is eliminating stuff but you can help it by consuming alkalising fluids and easily digestible alkalising foods.
    so for drinks: ginger tea with lemongrass, water with a tsp of bicarb of soda, diluted lemon or lime juice, or for a liver cleanse lemon with crushed garlic > great way to start the day after the toxins accumulating in the liver thru the night.
    and food: plenty of green leaves to increase chloropyll, quality oils like hemp, almond, avocado to bind the acids and remove them from the body, reduce meat intake and eliminate dairy by swapping with hemp or almond milk,plenty raw or lightly cooked veggies and soups of ease of digestion.
    and as you alluded to the typical drug response for flu are toxic and acidizing in return for a quick fix.
    best of health